WordPress on the iPhone

In this post, I’m going to go into a little bit about how the iPhone works on WordPress. WordPress for iPhone is easily obtained on the iTunes App Store. I’ll be using an iPod touch, but the iPhone works pretty much the same way.

Wordpress Download

Wordpress Download

After a quick download, You can install WordPress on your iPod, and start it up.

Wordpress Application

After a quick sign-in, the main screen is displayed were you can then add your wordpress blog with just your URL, user name, and password, and then you’re done. You are then presented with a list of entries for your blog.

From there you can either write a new post or edit one of your existing posts.

When you decide to compose a new post, you can edit you title, tags, categories, and the status so that you can post the blog entry. It’s also really easy to add photos from the library on your iPod.

You also have options to adjust the time of your post and password protect it right inside the app.

This application works well, and even though the features are a not as extensive as they are on the web, I can see this help me get posts up more often in the future.

Moving into High Gear……


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