Flame Within

So here’s the story.

On Monday, my family had some friends over, and we borrowed a friend’s mobile fire-burning pit. It looks a lot like a low grill with a metal cage surrounding the top. That evening we were able to burn off a substantial amount of the sticks that we had accumulated from bush trimming and what not in the fire pit. Later that evening the fire went out (I presumed), and we all went to bed.

Now, fast-forward 4 whole days later to today – Friday. Our friend calls and says that he would like to get his fire-pit back. I say that’s fine, and he comes over to pick it up. I then, not wanting him to soil his vehicle more than need be, suggest that he dump out the rest of the ashes in a pile that was already created. He does so, and to our (my) surprise, the bottom of the ashes starts smoking! It turns out that over those four days* (even while raining mind you), the solid metal bottom of the fire pit had kept those ashes warm enough that they were still smoldering! Needless to say, I didn’t feel like taking any pictures, and I just watered the whole thing down with the hose.

Oh Well.

EDIT It turns out that my siblings had actually burned some other sticks in the mobile fire pit the day before, so it was actually about 24 hrs, not 4 days.

Moving into High Gear……


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