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Math Riddle

Here’s a math riddle for all of you to solve.  It was passed along to me via email.  Enjoy! They say only people with an IQ of 120 and over are able to figure this out. If: 2 + 3 … Continue reading

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So There!

Here’s the story. Throughout my life I have had always had this slight annoyance with the fact that I’ve always been referred to as “Jamie,” when my real name is actually James. I have become accustomed to “Jamie,” but deep … Continue reading

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Check Out the Snow!

I’m currently working on writing a post, and I just noticed that there was this little option to “show falling snow on my blog”. I tried it out, and boy does it look cool! Better check it out, it’ll only … Continue reading

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So there I was, sitting at the table after dinner finishing off a bowl of rice pudding, and I was watching my sister draw a portrait of my younger sister Emily. And I said to myself, “What a wonderful daaaaaaayyyyyyy” … Continue reading

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Flame Within

So here’s the story. On Monday, my family had some friends over, and we borrowed a friend’s mobile fire-burning pit. It looks a lot like a low grill with a metal cage surrounding the top. That evening we were able … Continue reading

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