IPv6 – A mac fix-it story

MacMiniFor many months now, we’ve had a Mac Mini in our home that was giving us trouble.  We could download huge files with ease, transfer files over network, run Skype, and send emails, but when it came to rendering webpages, both Safari, Firefox crawled to an extremely slow pace, barely loading a simple web page in under 35 seconds.   Continue reading

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Deleting Flash Cookies – Mac OS X

networkWhat is a flash cookie? Well, I should start out by saying that there are really only 3 main ways that a website can keep track of you. One is using HTTP cookies, the other is via flash cookies, and the last is using your IP address. Continue reading

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So There!

Here’s the story. Throughout my life I have had always had this slight annoyance with the fact that I’ve always been referred to as “Jamie,” when my real name is actually James. I have become accustomed to “Jamie,” but deep down, I’ve always wondered if I was being disloyal to my true name. Continue reading

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Check Out the Snow!

SnowflakeI’m currently working on writing a post, and I just noticed that there was this little option to “show falling snow on my blog”. I tried it out, and boy does it look cool! Better check it out, it’ll only be around until January 4th. Go WordPress!

      In High Gear…

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Trouble getting connected

networkComputers are not perfect.  Not even macs.  Where am I going with this?  I beseech thee, kind reader, to listen to my tale.

So here’s the story.  I get to our MacBook one Wednesday afternoon after my brother had been using it for a while.  I open up the cover, and I start checking my email, RSS feeds, and whatnot and well, unfortunately, our connection to the web is not what it should be.   Continue reading

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So there I was, sitting at the table after dinner finishing off a bowl of rice pudding, and I was watching my sister draw a portrait of my younger sister Emily. And I said to myself, “What a wonderful daaaaaaayyyyyyy” “That looks fun, I used to draw.” So I decided to give it a shot.
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iPhone Update 2.0.2


appleI’ve just installed the latest 2.0.2 update for iPod Touch.  So far, I’m impressed with the enhanced stability of Safari, the App Store, and Mobile App installation.  Way to go Apple!


Moving Into High Gear…..

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